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Look at my cutie in her outfit from #Heartnsoulkids #GIFTGUIDE

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Having a little girl now means that I get to look at all the cute little girl clothes!!!  Soon enough she will have a mind of her own and her own style, but until then, I can have fun dressing her up.  I have never been much for dressing up, makeup or any of the "girly" things, but I have had a blast buying dresses for her and having her wear pinks and reds and other cute colored clothes!  We were lucky to have been given a good amount of hand me downs when she was born, but it is still nice to pick out and dress her up too.  (Not to mention the clothes we have don't really match size and season right now!)
I was recently given the chance to check out the clothing line from Heart N Soul Children's Swag Boutique and let me just say... it is hard to narrow down to just one thing!!!  

I really loved the Peace Sign shirt, but they did not have a size large enough for Broxton. 
(He is really into the whole "peace sign" thing these days and we all love the Flag.)  

This is the outfit that I chose for Savannah.  A floral dress with pink leggings!  I was not sure on the sizing, so I went with a 9 month size for her.  (She is in 6-9 month size onesies now.)  The top ended up being a bit too big for her, but she can grow into it.  The pants were long, but fit great otherwise.  
I love the detail they put into this outfit.  See the flower embroidered on the top?  Also, note the design on the back of the pants (the gold)  I thought the hem on the pants gave it an extra special touch as well,  It was more of a ruffled hem, but not too frilly!  

She hasn't been feeling well, but I had to show you just how cute the outfit looks!  Don't worry, you will be seeing it again down the road!   

If you are looking for cute outfits that show off a different style, make sure you head on over to see what Heart N Soul has to offer!  I know that if you choose something to purchase from them, you will have a cute and stylish child!!!!  Head on over and let me know what you see that grabs your attention!  

Love the Ornaments @Tree_Classics - Plus a #Giveaway

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I don't know how your house is doing, but around here...
We have seen the Doctor more than relatives.  Since right before Halloween until now, at least 2 people in the house have been sick.  That means many doctors appointments, many hours of crying (mama and her babies) and of course lots of snuggles and sleep.  That being said, the blog has really suffered, so thank you for staying with me through it all.  As of now, babies are okay and it is just mama that is still sick. Hope that changes soon! I guess I really should take a look at all this talk about oils.  (I will save that for another day, a bit too much else going on right now.)   We are almost in December, so you know what that means...
I should have a GIFT GUIDE going already.  Due to all the illness, it is starting a bit late, but we are starting with a bang for you!!!
Today, I am going to tell you about a new to me company, Tree Classics.  Please notice that I said "new to me,"  as they are not new at all... in fact, they are going on 40 years strong!!!  

If you are looking to purchase a new artificial tree, make sure you take a look at their page. If you know what you are looking for, their search bar is awesome!  You can find your perfect tree based on a number of things:   Needle Type, Shape, Height, Light Type or even by price! (I can not lie, I was pretty impressed that you can pick a "Flat back" tree.  I needed that for sure when I had an apartment and VERY LITTLE ROOM!)  

They also sell beautiful Christmas Wreaths.  My mom has been a huge fan of a wreath on the door for as long as I can remember and they sure have some beauties here!  They also sell garland and more, so head on over!!!  

Finally, they sell a little of this and a little of that for all your Christmas needs.  Storage Bags to Tree Lights, Stockings and the stocking holders to tree skirts.  They also have beautiful ornaments and that means you are in luck!!!  
One reader is going to win a beautiful set of Ornaments to hang on your tree, or to gift to a loved one.  This ornament set lists for $109, but is currently on sale for $59.99   The set I am giving away includes 3 with a snowman design and 3 with pine cones and holly on them.  I am including photos so you can see these glass ornaments, but I will be truthful, the pictures I took do not give justice to how special they really are.  These are sure to be treasured ornaments for years to come!  

Pine cones and Holly Ornaments 

Snowmen Ornaments 

A little about Tree Classics before you head down to the giveaway: 
Founded in 1976, Tree Classics™ has a long history of designing the World's Finest Artificial Christmas Trees. We have since expanded our range of holiday offerings to include artificial wreaths, garlands, and various accessories. Our lasting success is a result of our dedication to quality and personal service that delights customers year after year.
While adhering to classic holiday design sensibilities, Tree Classics maintains an ongoing commitment to both beauty and innovation that has enabled us to develop unique technologies, like our patented Snap Tree™ and pre-lit Christmas trees equipped with our patent-pending Quick Set™ and Worry-Free™ UL-listed lights.

Our best trees and foliage come with Real Feel™ Polyethylene (PE) needles to satisfy even the most discriminating buyers. We welcome you to our family and appreciate the opportunity to show you what makes a Tree Classics artificial Christmas tree so special.

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Everyone needs a little @HopeInABox #GIFTGUIDE

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I am not one to post my beliefs and political thoughts on my blog, but I will say that the world we are living in right now needs much prayer, hope and love.  Every single time you turn on the TV or look online at the news, more negativity.  It is heartbreaking.  I thought the company I wanted to kick off my Gift Guide was just the perfect message we could all use!!!  HOPE in a box.  H.O.P.E = Hang On Pray Everyday!  LOVE IT!!!!

About the company: 
HOPE IN A BOX gifts that offer hope by Romans 12 LLC was founded on the idea that all of us, some time or another, suffer with daily challenges, difficulties, or crisis in our lives. It is during these times, that we might need a reminder of God's presence and His plan for us. The H.O.P.E. (Hang On Pray Everyday) line of products and gift boxes have been developed to remind us to 'HANG ON' to the promises made by God in scripture: that He will meet our needs (Phil 4:19), how He is with us and will help us (Isaiah 41:10), how He is our Rock, Salvation, Defense, and Fortress (Psalm 62:6) and to 'PRAY EVERYDAY' to Christ who loves us, so that He can lovingly guide us in this challenging time. 
While we know that sending HOPE IN A BOX to someone special cannot replace faith in God or daily prayer with our Lord, we do pray that receiving HOPE IN A BOX and using our products daily might help your someone special stay strong in faith or find faith that has been lost or misplaced. 

H.O.P.E. has so many products that I know you will find the perfect box for a loved one.  I have several friends that have been battling cancer, I know that they would love to receive items from here, as they have depended on their FAITH to get them through these challenges they face.  

They have classic coffee mugs for the hot beverage fan in your life.  
They also have beverage tumblers if that is more your style.  

The great thing with H.O.P.E. in a box is that you can order a box with a certain theme: 
Teen Boy, Christian Man, List Maker (those are some that are in the $25 price range.)
Relaxation, Mom, Road Trip (those are a few from the $25-$50 price range.)

If you are not wanting to go with a themed box, you are more than welcome to look and purchase the items individually.  Tell me though, would you not smile and be thankful if you opened your mailbox and saw a package like this waiting on you?  
A much needed piece of mail! 

I know quite a few people that will be wanting the contents of my HOPE in a box!

You can tell that the person that packs your package cares for their work, Each item was carefully placed inside and shown care.  I loved the packaging!  

While I knew I was going to get this for review, it was much a much needed package.  I admit, I do get busy from time to time and it is a nice reminder to slow down and pray, not only for the bad, but praises too!  From hats and t-shirts (what a great way to not only remind yourself, but also to witness to others!) They also have keychains, jewelry, greeting cards, notepads and more!   Like I said, a little something for everyone!  Head on over and see who you can mark off your Christmas list.  (Side note, this would be a great "thinking of you gift"  you don't have to send it just at Christmas!)   

“Rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted in prayer.” – Romans 12:12


Between Vinings and Marietta, Plenty to do and you can #SHOPLOCAL

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The Thanksgiving Break has started out being pretty busy for us, but I have enjoyed it.  It has reminded me of things local to us that I never really think about.  We had two different invitations this weekend that would be great for the lover of shopping.  No, that is not my mom, but I know many who do girls trips with their moms and other females closer to the holidays. I want to share with you the two trips we enjoyed.  

Up first, we had an invitation to go to Winter Wonderland on the Marietta Square to check out the Ice Skating Rink that has been set up.  Let me start by saying that Marietta Square is an awesome place, but we rarely go, since the few times we have been parking was crazy.  I found out that after 5 (and all weekend) parking is FREE in the parking deck!  Mental note... go back again. It also is nice to mention that it really is great to stroll around once the sun goes down, you really do get the feeling of the holidays!  At least we did the other night!  
First time EVER Ice Skating. He said " I thought I was gonna die!" but he loved it and wants to go back again! 

Enjoying a made to order Ice Cream Sandwich at Sarah Jeans.  AMAZING!
(Watching the train go around the top of the store was a great treat as well!) 

There are so many great places to shop at the square.  We were treated to a little adventure to pop into a few places on our journey.  Some of the places that we stopped in to check out include: The Local Exchange, The Corner Shop, Marina Marina, Double Take Cafe, Marietta Wine Market, Doodlebugz, Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar, Piastra, Options Designs, Square Threads, Lenny's Hair Salon, and Sarah Jeans Ice Cream.

If you are looking for a one of a kind, made local item, make sure to check out all the places on the square.  I would love to make a day out of it... The food we sampled at Double Take Cafe already has me wanting to go try lunch out... then hit up a few places here and there to shop, stop at Tiny Bublles Tea Bar (really, have never heard of such a thing, but with around 50 loose leaf tea's I am pretty sure you will find something you like!)  Finish it up with Ice Cream at Sarah Jeans.  Don't worry about all the calories, between Ice Skating in the middle of the park and walking around checking out all the stores, I think you will earn those treats!!!   There is so much to see and do, but don't stop coming once the holidays are over, there seems to be events going on all the time on the Square!  If you like Wine, The Marietta Wine Market has wine tastings and even craft beer tasting events, call them for more information!  

The other shopping event took us to Vinings.  There is an area there called Vinings Jubilee.  They have several shops and restaurants to enjoy, but the store we went to was called Beehive.  It is a Pop-Up-Shop filled with great one of a kind items from local artists.  
I was really impressed. They have all sorts of products.  Looking for jewelry?  Check!  Cute kids clothes? Check!  Chocolate Covered Potato Chips? Check! Bookmarks, decor and more... Check! The best part was although they have many items available to purchase, it is NOT cluttered. You don't feel like it is chaotic.  Very nice flow and the layout is crisp and clean. 

Looking for edible items?  They have that!  

One of a kind jewelry can be found here! 

They also carry items such as magnets, buttons, and even pocket mirrors!  

Besides having many great products to choose from, I loved that they had these wooden blocks that had "MEET THE ARTIST" on it. It included their name, some information and even a picture of them.  In the past, you have seen just the information, but adding their photo made it feel a bit more personalized, at least to me.

Just a reminder... This upcoming Saturday,  November 28 is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY.  
Maybe you want to visit a few of these places and enjoy. 

Marietta Square - 
87 N Park Sq NE
Marietta, GA 30060

Beehive Atlanta Vinings - 
4300 Paces Ferry Rd SE Ste 500
 Atlanta, GA 30339


Secret Millionaires Club #Giveaway (Over $100 value)

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If you are looking to grab a bite to eat and to have fun with the children at the same time, you want to look at visiting an Ovation Brands' location.  (This includes Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, Hometown Buffet, and Country Buffet.)  Until December 31st, they will be teaming up with the innovative, exciting and newly-launched animated series, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab series, available on Netflix, PBS Stations, and Comcast X Finity. Each Thursday from 5-8PM(excluding holidays) we will be hosting a different science-themed event in our restaurants, from showing kids how cotton candy is made, to why we dream and the importance of quiet time before bed.  The activities featured are as follows:
  •       November 26 Thanksgiving DVD Sweepstakes -(Each restaurant will give away a DVD)
  •       December 3 Cotton Candy Experiment
  •       December 10 Genius Dress Up
  •       December 17 What’s Your Bright Idea!
  •       December 24/31 Thomas Edison Secret Lab Activity sheet available
**Note that 100 of our restaurants will also be showcasing episodes of the popular series each Thursday night.  Check with your local restaurant for details.

Since I am lucky enough to get to share with you the great things going on with the Ovations Brand Family, I also get to allow one reader the chance to win a Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab “Genius” Prize Pack, complete with themed, collectible products including a Secret Millionaire’s Club (SMC) “Business in a Box” lemonade stand, a SMC Car Wash, SMC DVD and of course your very own FREE MEAL COUPONS from any of the more than 300 Ovation Brands restaurants.  The prize packs are valued at well OVER $100 each!!!!!
Just enter the Rafflecopter Form Below:

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Great After School Snack from @slammerssnacks

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I don't know about you guys, but it gets harder and harder to send lunch in for Broxton.  He is NOT a picky eater at home (for the most part, although he is set in his ways about some things)  but you send him to school and it is crazy.  Last year, his teacher said he never really ate the lunch if we let him buy it, so we tried to send it in, just to know what he ate and what he didn't.  You know, because I could see what was returned each day.  This year, same problem.  He says that the food doesn't taste as good at school as it does at home, but truth be told, my little social butterfly just likes talking more than eating and that is our main issue.  When I was given the chance to try out a new "super food" for review, I knew I wanted to see what it was all about. Would this be a way to solve our problems? It was worth a shot!   

Slammers Snacks arrived at our doorstep and Broxton was like an eager beaver ready to try it out.  He saw that it had protein on it, so he knew it was good for him!  They have several flavors (which I will share in a minute) and we were sent two to try out.  
We were sent Watermelon Kiwi Burst and the "Awesome" flavor. 

I loved the Awesome one, while Broxton constantly asked for the "melon" flavor!  That worked perfect for us!  

Each pack of the Organic Slammers are packaged in a 4 pack box, perfect for stocking up for lunch or a quick snack on the go!   I actually have thrown them in the diaper bag for me to have when out and about, as well as packed some for Marc to take when he is at work.  Just open the top and enjoy.  No struggle and no mess!  Perfect!  

Other Slammer Flavors: 

You may be wondering if this was the problem solver to our lunch issues.
To be honest, no it wasn't... He loves them, but that doesn't make him eat his lunch now.
He does enjoy these as after school snacks on some days and in his lunch on others.  I know we will be eating them more once he starts sports back up.  Great on the go snack!    
Out of all of the flavors, which sounds best to you?  I want to try them all!   

Head to @NorthPointMall to enjoy the #AdventureToSanta

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Time to get the clothes ready, the camera charged and your energy saved up... 
Why?  Just because the holidays are here!   October rushed by and Halloween came and went super fast.  Poor ol' Thanksgiving seems to get the shaft, as it goes from Halloween to Christmas before you know it.  Some stores almost seem to bypass Halloween too!  Anyways, a bit ago, we were invited out to Northpoint Mall to check out the Adventure to Santa Experience.  Let me tell you, an experience it is!!!!
I was thinking it was going to be like the other mall Santa's where you see Santa, but with a little extra, you know... the whole ADVENTURE. What I did not know was that it wasn't just a LITTLE one, it was a full out journey!!!!  
I don't want to ruin it all for you, so I am not going to go into every single detail with you... But let me at least tell you a little about it. 

First of all, Broxton had been sick off and on for a whole week, but he begged to go. Miraculously feeling better to go!  I knew he wasn't but he was trying so hard.  He slept on the way there and once we got in the car coming home, but let me tell you... he did act like he felt better while we were there.  Maybe the Magic of Christmas was that powerful!  

The "Adventure to Santa" location at North Point Mall.  It really is a journey that will take you to see Santa at the North Pole!!!!   

When you arrive, you see the sign welcoming you to your adventure.  It is in collaboration with DreamWorks (and Shrek) so you get to see the Shrek movie characters!   

They have a family photo staging area if you are interested in documenting that you were on the journey as well!  We took the picture, but when I saw just how SICK I LOOKED, I passed on that copy with the quickness!   No need to worry, they offer you the photos to look at, but they do not pressure you at all to purchase them.  

Once your journey starts, they do ask you to not take any photos, as it scares the elves and we don't want to do that. Also, it really does take away from the magical trip if you are trying to photograph it, so just sit back, relax and enjoy!  

Here is information from their press release:
The magical journey of Adventure to Santa starts with Shrek, ends with Santa, and features a 2,000-square-foot immersive experience tobe enjoyed by family members of all ages. New features this year include two new app games, Sleigh Flight School and Gingy’s Cookie Maker and three additional exterior skins, the Painted Lady, Candy Cottage and Enchanted Log Cabin.  At the top of the hour, the cottage will perform a newly designed light show that cues a different exterior skin for each hour.

Following a fantastic national launch during the 2014 holiday season, DreamPlace is back to turn the traditional mall holiday visit into something truly special with an immersive, interactive approach that draws on our signature brand of technology, storytelling and of course, humor,” said DreamWorks Animation’s Head of Retail Development Paul Kurzawa. "Shrek and his friends are here to bring the holidays to life with an unparalleled experience which fans will absolutely love.”

North Point Mall is located at 1000 North Point Circle, Alpharetta, GA 30022.  
For more information, visit or call 770-740-9273.  
Follow North Point on Facebook.

Let me know if you go!  You will Love it, we sure did!!!
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