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Making (My) Dreams Come True @therockranch

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If you remember, a few weeks ago we were invited to go to The Rock Ranch for a media event and we were beyond thrilled to go and check the place out.  We returned home and it has been a very talked about trip on numerous occasions...  To say we had a blast was an understatement.   We knew we wanted to get back soon... and we finally did. The thing about it?  We didn't just "go to The Rock Ranch" ... We went to The Rock Ranch and I got to mark off a bucket list item.  
I am in my mid-thirties and I have NEVER seen a Hot Air Balloon!  I used to say I wanted to go in a Hot Air Balloon Ride - but once I became a mom, I decided to stay more "grounded" in my wishes (literally)  That being said, my bucket list went from " riding a hot air balloon ride" to "seeing a hot air balloon in person"  Well, thanks to the event at the Rock Ranch, I marked it off!  
Watching  Big Brother getting ready to go down the Zip Line.  
Big Brother on the Zip Line.
 The big brother was thrilled to go and check it out... He was tired of hearing us talk about it and was able to come and see what all the excitement was about!   I was excited to go because of the Hot Air Balloons (for me) but I had a secret for Broxton...   A STORM TROOPER and JENGA FETT were both there for a special appearance!  Talk about "kids" of all ages lining up for a photo opportunity! It was great!
Please notice the Bunny Ears the Storm Trooper is giving him!  
Little Paddle Boat Fun!  
 Broxton was able to talk the Big Brother into going on the Paddle Boats.  There was NO WAY I was going out there... I just kept having flashbacks to when my brother and I talked our parents into letting us get one of those paddle bikes at the beach... Yeah, we ended up stuck out there (our legs were to tired to paddle back to shore) We got stuck on a sandbar and then to top it off, I lost a flip flop... Bad memories man, bad memories!   They went and had a great time.  Notice I bleeped a person out, they decided to go in a 4 person boat (less wait time) and went with a couple other people.. The Rock Ranch has 2 and 4 person paddle boats for this activity.
Outside the Dodgeball area.
The family dodgeball area was a hit for the boys... Actually, most of the day was spent here... Kids young and old had a ball in there!  It was awesome watching the kids all playing and having fun.. and it was great seeing dads get in there and play as well! Talk about making memories!  
Just a few of the many Hot Air Balloons there that day.  
 If you follow me on Instagram, you were able to see pictures from that day... Yes, dream come true.  I learned so much that day.  I had no clue how many people it took to get these jokers up and going.  There was wind that day, so they did not stay up that long, but it was awesome... They even did a glow, where they had them all light up once it was dark.  (Instagram, check it out I say!)
Once again, we had a great time!  Make sure to check out the weekend to see when you want to go.
Tomorrow, November 1st is PUMPKIN DESTRUCTION DAY.  I wanted to go then, but we have other commitments!   If you go, let me know... Would love to see pictures and hear all about it!  


The Book Of Life - In Theaters NOW! #BookofLife

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A few weeks ago, we were invited to go to a local mall to celebrate the upcoming release of The Book Of Life.  They had a little "carnival" celebration going on that day...    They had a section of the mall blocked off with lots of fun activities for the kids... They could color and decorate a bag to use as a trick-or-treat bag for Halloween.  They could get their face painted (and cute little manicures for the girls too!).  They could get balloon animals (of course my son ended up with a sword)  They also had an area where they could decorate a cookie to eat there or to take home. The plan was for him to take it home (he wanted to) but the line was so long to get that balloon sword that he must have worked up an appetite and had to eat it then for fuel for the day!  Oh, did I mention they had a photo area where you could get your photo emailed/ facebook/ instagrammed/tweeted orr sent by text to you of you with the characters of the movie?  Yeah!  They went all out on making this a super fun event! (Thanks for that!)
So then, a couple days later we were able to go to an advance screening of the movie.  I will say this.. all of the advertisement for this movie had Broxton wanting to go see it long before I even knew what it was about!  He kept begging me to go, so of course when the invite came to go, I was going to try my best!  
The Synopsis: THE BOOK OF LIFE, a vibrant fantasy-adventure, tells the legend of Manolo, a conflicted hero and dreamer who sets off on an epic quest through magical, mythical and wondrous worlds in order to rescue his one true love and defend his village.

So - what did we think??
We LOVED it!   ALL of us!  Marc was able to go that night and at first, I thought he would turn it down... you know, cartoon and all... but he went and even he had nothing but great things to say about it.
The vibrant colors of the movie kept things from getting dark.  Yes, there is death (the movie talks about the legend of the character.)  It starts as they are kids and goes all the way through, bringing us to today and the kids learning about his legend.  What will he do to show his true love just how much he loves her? What will they all do to save their village?
If kids have seen this movie (or even the previews) I see the girls for sure wanting to be Maria for Halloween.  We, as a family, really enjoyed the movie and I think that it would be a great one to plan to take your family to see.  If the stellar line up of actors for the voices don't draw you in, the amazing soundtrack should!   


Personalize It and Make a Lasting Memory! @ornamentslove #giveaway

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Each year, we add a special new ornament to our tree.  We have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Ornaments With Love for a couple years now and they never cease to amaze me with their wide selection and great quality.  I am not sure what year I decided to order our first family ornament, but as soon as it arrived and the boys saw it, we knew it was the ornament that we would most look forward to each year.  To the point that they have to search the tree to see the previous years ornament and then talk about our newest one!  

Now, we have a tradition that I enjoy and it is something we can look back on and remember the great things that happened that year.  Is it weird that I want to order a couple for the years we missed once we were married and became a family?  I think I would just need a couple, I would have to go back and look.  
The ornaments from Ornaments with Love really are made with love and care. It is nice to know it isn't just a machine making them and sending them out... You add the name you want and any special instructions and they really do take care of you!  It is awesome!  
Normally when it is time to pick the family ornament, I pick it out and surprise everyone... This year, I decided to narrow it down to my top 3 and then I let Broxton choose the one that was his favorite. It was hard enough narrowing it down to my top 3, I was stuck!  He went back and forth for a bit, but he finally decided that the personalized teddy bears one was the perfect one for us!  I have been impressed that they offer so many ornaments for large families.  Since Marc has 5 boys, we need a 7 family one, unless we leave our names off...  Most places tend to go with 4 or 5 people families... or they add pets.. but they hardly ever have more than that.  They have ornaments for more than that, in case you want to give the grandparents and ornament with all the grand-kids names on it! 
What I like about Ornaments With Love is that they have such a wide variety of ornaments.  

I like looking at all of them, but then I start thinking of people for every single one and that just isn't in the budget!   They have themes ranging from military to special events (graduation, pregnancy, engagement, you name it) they also have ornaments for the sports fan and classics such as tablets/cell phones for those technology addicts in the family. If you go somewhere special, you can even make that a lasting memory with a travel ornament!!!  When Broxton was in preschool, there were a couple I saw that I thought would be great for his teachers, but the one I wanted would not work this year... (It was a quilt and I was going to put all the kids names in each square.  Since he now has 26 kids in his class, the ornament isn't big enough to fit that many names.)  As I said, they have so many ornaments to chose from and they are at really great prices. If you are looking to give someone a one of a kind gift, look at making it something they will be proud to hang on the tree each year!
Personalizing your ornament is easy, it is the narrowing it down that is the hard part!  

One lucky winner will win their own ornament from Ornaments With Love.  

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Firefly Toothbrushes - Light Up the Way to Brush!

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With Halloween right around the corner, you can bet that there will be plenty of candy sold... and that means plenty of candy eaten!  I know that some dentists offices work out trades where they will "buy" the trick or treat candy from their patients and then they send it to soldiers overseas.  I think that is a great deal and pretty amazing for people to do that...
For those of us that enjoy in the Trick or Treating (and especially the treats) of the night ...
We need to make sure that proper oral hygiene is being done.  Broxton used to love to brush his teeth... He would want to brush his teeth several times a day... now, not so much.  He acts like it is pure punishment whenever I mention brushing and it is not a fun time for us.  I even tried buying him special toothbrush cases for when we travel and for storage, but he just doesn't have any desire.

Recently, I learned that there was a Star Wars Toothbrush from Firefly!  I was excited to get one for him to try out... Yes, in the beginning he thought it was the coolest thing and wanted to brush his teeth... but we are back to square one now.  The thing is.... I love the toothbrush, so although it didn't move mountains at our house for him, it was a great improvement for me.
Yes, I know that this is an Angry Birds Toothbrush, but I could not locate a Star Wars one on their website.  The things I loved about the Read Go Light Up Toothbrush? 
1 - It was a theme he enjoyed.
2  - Like most children's toothbrushes, it wasn't going to fit into our toothbrush holder.  The great thing about this one?  It has a suction cup bottom!!! Yes, that way, he can make it stand up on the counter, beside ours... Or he can be creative (which he just learned would work) and can make it stick to the mirror.  
3  - The red light "lightup" of it all...  It has a minute timer where the lights are lit.. counting down to red... Once it is red, you light it back up and do the other row of teeth.  Top then bottom?  Bottom then top?  You decide... but make sure you brush until the light goes off!  

If you are looking for a great new toothbrush for your little ones, make sure you check out the different ones offered by firefly toothbrushes!  They have several themes and different styles for all the boys and girls you know and love!

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe it is almost November?
Know what that means, right?
Christmas time is almost here!

I am not sure about your house, but ours is starting to get full of "I need to add that to my Christmas list" or "Maybe I can get that for Christmas." Infomercials are the worst, because I am a sucker for most of them and sadly, Broxton has decided to pick up that trait from his mama, since every commercial ends up with "we NEED that!"

Since it is almost November, you also know what is headed our way right?????  The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!!!!  Stay tuned!   Great Giveaways and reviews are headed this way!

Side note, if you have a product that you would like to see about including in this years gift guide, please email me and lets see what we can do about that!  

A huge thanks to one of my best friends, Brooke, for allowing me to use her photo for this years gift guide.  She has an amazing eye (I am trying to get her to start an Etsy store!)


The Best Part of the Day - What is Yours?

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In today's world it seems so much is about technology...  Between cell phones and tablets and you name its... then with the holidays it is all about the best gifts...  That was something that I really enjoyed in the book we just read...  The Best Part of the Day 
In this book (by Sarah Ban Breahnach, a new to me author)  we get to see the seasons as they change. The book starts with a little quote from William Butler Yeats...
"I sigh that kiss you, 
For I must own
That I shall miss you
When you have grown." 

Then, as we turn the pages we are greeted with Autumn.  Perfect timing for us to start this book, so I really liked that too! The book starts with discussing the day and we are asked what was the best part of the day ...  "Was it riding the bus or recess- time races?  Was it getting our pumpkins or painting their faces?"  I loved that each "best time of the day" was a time of making memories... and no technology.  (Don't get me wrong, I love technology as much as the rest of the world and am guilty of using it too often, but it was nice to have a book to see how much fun we can have "Making Memories")  Each page has rhyming words, great for younger kids and perfect for reading out loud... We watch the family of four as they go through seasons and the best part of their days are the simple things... playing in their yard, feeding the birds and so many other things.
Broxton and I both enjoyed this book and it was a great way to share how many fun things there are to do together!   The best part of my day?  Seeing that smiling face!   

@LEGOKIDSFEST ANNOUNCES 2015 TOUR! Advance ticket purchase is strongly encouraged - events have been selling out! #onsalenow

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The LEGO® KidsFest kicks off its seventh year on the road with new tour stops in St. Louis and Nashville and a return to some popular markets.
The 2015 tour stops include Phoenix, AZ (Feb. 27 – March 1), St. Louis, MO (March 20 – 22), Nashville, TN (April 17 – 19) and Austin, TX (Sept. 4 – 6).
In its seventh year of touring, LEGO KidsFest is visiting a few less markets this year to focus on its new LEGO Creativity Tour.
“With the pilot of the LEGO Creativity Tour in Biloxi, Mississippi in December, we expect to be sharing some news about new tour dates early next year,” said Vince Rubino, Events Manager for LEGO Systems, Inc.
“Right now through year’s end, our focus is on testing new concepts and continuing to deliver an amazing and fun-filled LEGO experience for families around the country.”
Covering more than three acres of space, the LEGO KidsFest extravaganza brings all of the hands-on, minds-on fun of LEGO building and experience together in an activity-filled event for all ages and builders of all skills.
Five sessions — all identical and 4½ half hours in length — are held at each tour stop. LEGO KidsFest tickets can be purchased
On tour since 2009, previous LEGO KidsFest tour stops have included major cities such as Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, San Jose, Cleveland, Richmond, Phoenix, Portland and more.  Tickets generally sell out and attendance averages 27,000-30,000 visitors at each venue. 

Some of the activities at the shows include: 
    •          LEGO Model Gallery: dozens of life-sized models made entirely from LEGO bricks
    •          LEGO Master Builders: live demonstrations and activities from the crew who get paid to play
    •          Race Ramps: build a custom car, then race it down the ramp against friends and family 
    •          LEGO Fusion: test out a new, fun and creative way of combining real LEGO brick building with a smartphone or tablet.
    •          LEGO Chima: choose a tribe and test battling skills with the whole family
    •          LEGO Star Wars: build and display a Star Wars model
    •          LEGO Disney™ Princess: create a princess scene to add to a LEGO story book
    •          LEGO Super Heroes: build a badge and pose with a bigger than life Spiderman model
    •          LEGO DUPLO®: younger visitors can explore imagination through building
    •          LEGO Retail:purchase LEGO merchandise and official KidsFest tour goods
    •          LEGO Friends: build for the five empowered friends from Heartlake City
    •          LEGO Ninjago: spin the way to being a Spinjitzu member
    •          LEGO Mindstorms: build and program robots and snakes
    •          LEGO City: using the imagination to create buildings and vehicles to the urban diorama
    •          LEGO Technic: get hands-on with the cool, realistic vehicles at the booth
    •          Creation Nation: build your own creation to add to a custom map of the U.S.
    •          Brick Pile: a gigantic pile full of LEGO bricks for creative play and enjoyment
    •       Monochromatic Builds: bricks of a single color foster group creativity

 Based on sell-out attendance in previous markets, advance ticket purchase is strongly encouraged. Tickets for all 2015 tour stops are on sale at 

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